Heather Sant
Executive Director

Heather Sant has provided strategic leadership and expertise to JobStart since 1997, originally as the Director, Programs and Services, and since 2006 as the Executive Director.  Her impressive tenure in the Toronto Employment Sector for over 35 years has been invaluable to JobStart and to the sector.  Heather is know as an effective relationship builder.  She has developed long lasting relationships with representatives at all levels of government, United Way Toronto and York Region, and numerous community agencies and networks.

Diane Moore
Executive Assistant

Diane has held a number of administrative positions at JobStart, and has always shown commitment and pride in her role. Diane's administrative expertise has evolved with the agency over the past ten years, with the goal of becoming an Executive Assistant. She has successfully completed Humber College's Continuing Education Program and successfully graduated with her "Executive Assistant Certificate".

Jemima Sabapathy
Director, Programs & Services

With extensive experience in program innovation, project management and partnership development in the non-profit employment and training sector, Jemima has successfully guided the growth and development of employment, language and settlement programs, creating meaningful career advancing opportunities for Internationally Educated Professionals new to the Canadian labour market. Her expertise includes significant national and international leadership roles, and she has been recognized for her ability to build strong teams, develop successful service delivery models and strengthen relationships with diverse stakeholders. Jemima is well known for her insight and tenacity used to circumvent barriers and empower the clients she serves.

Tracy Houston
Director, Programs & Services

Tracy has been an employee of JobStart since 1994 holding progressive roles; originally as a Summer Student, and advancing to Employment Counsellor, Coordinator, Programs & Services, Manager, Programs & Services, and effective February 2016 as the Director, Programs and Services. She has provided leadership to a variety of employment programs such as Employment Ontario,  Youth Employment Fund, Summer Jobs Service and Job Connect. Tracy has successfully developed and implemented best practices for program delivery and has assisted in the planning and coordinating of activities designed to promote JobStart’s programs and services to employers and key stakeholders in the community. Tracy has been involved in many of JobStart’s collaborations and network groups including; the Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) Partnership, First Work, Youth Employment Partnership, Youth Advisory Committee, Etobicoke Youth Network and the LakeShore Youth Committee.  In 2014; Tracy was a successful graduate from CASIP’s Collaborative Leaders for a Collaborative Future  Leadership Training Program.

Louise De Roo
Director, Finance

Sarah Gayer
Director, Human Resources

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